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April 16, 2014 at 7:24am
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What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

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is it just me or is this even more beautiful

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straight boys don’t shut their mouths because their lips would be touching and that’s gay

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i am constantly amazed by straight dudes but not in like a good way


i am constantly amazed by straight dudes but not in like a good way

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs photographed by Dan Martenson for Holiday Magazine

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The indoctrination is so deep that educated people think they’re being objective.

— Noam Chomsky (via theyoungradical)

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this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

oooo my god why

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Miguel Chevalier spreads magic carpets 2014 over sacre coeur in morocco

Miguel Chevalier (born 1959) is a French digital artist known internationally as one of the pioneers of virtual art.

magic carpets by French artist Miguel Chevalier is an interactive light display spread out across the floor of the former Sacré Coeur church in Casablanca, Morocco. covering it with a huge layer of light, the work references the world of biology, microorganisms, and cellular automata – as cells have the ability to multiply in abundance, divide and merge at different paces. pieces come together, fall apart and transform in shape at rapid speeds. the displayed organic universe mingles with a digital construction of overlapping pixels. 

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omg the chameleon

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…science has always been, and always will be, inextricable from the cultural matrix of power, prestige, and politics that is the source of its cultural authority. As such, science will always be in an important position to defend the status quo - whether it is the racial hygiene of Hitler, the Lamarckian genetics of Stalin, or the Anglo-American social Darwinism of the late nineteenth century. That doesn’t make it bad - any more than the discovery of antibiotics and microwaves makes science good. But it also doesn’t make science value neutral; rather, it makes science strongly value laden, and in ways that merit detailed examination.


Why I am Not a Scientist: Anthropology and Modern Knowledge (p 70) by Jonathan Marks

Science is a human endeavor, and thus it cannot be devoid of morality, responsibility, meaning, value, or self-interest. The opposite idea, that science transcends the values, interests, or politics of its practitioners, is largely a self-interested image developed in the twentieth century.

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April 15, 2014 at 10:33pm
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The Fanciful,  Monstrous Feminine - Jessica Ledwich

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